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The what what? - The Banzai Bit

For the past 10 years I have been the proud owner of a Sam Coupé which is possibly the finest 8-Bit computer ever devised and built in Swansea.

When I first got my Sam I hadn't the money for a disc drive so I didn't do much with it except use it to play my old speccy games and do a teeny bit of BASIC programming, but as soon as I go my disc drive (along with the most unstable DOS in the known universe) I got into programming a bit more

I wrote a couple of programs (Fruit Machine & Hypno) and sent them on a disc to a PD Disczine called Fred run by Colin MacDonald and to my eternal surprise they were included in Fred Issue 9.

After another few things were sent to Fred I decided to give myself a name (so to speak) since it is pretty traditional. I decided to write under the banner of Banzai Productions since I had just written a couple of Banzai Demos and the name seemed to stick.

For the really curious, the name Banzai came not from my reckless tendency to jump into things size tens first, but from a Garfield cartoon where Garfield screams BANZAI as he leaps onto the last crumb of food in the house.

The what what? - The Blag Bit

The blag bit is just some poncy cockney phrase usually meaning crime, picture "Mad" Frankie Fraser saying to his henchmen "Right you slags, who's up for the blag?"

Also, much to my enjoyment, the phase was also given a good airing on the Mark Thomas Comedy Product in a sketch asking for diplomats if they were "Up for the blag - but no shootahs"

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