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Here you can download my copies of the PD discs I have produced, descriptions of the programs can be found in the Banzai Blag Programs section.

The programs here are in stored as 800K DSK disc image files created with the PC program SamDisk and can be recreated onto a formatted Sam disc, or read straight into SimCoupé

Banzai Games (333k) Most of the games I have ever written and published (on PD, of course).
Banzai Demos & Utilities (395k) A collection of Demos and Utilities.
Banzai Pics 1 (701k)
Banzai Pics 2 (251k)
Banzai Pics 3 (381k)
Banzai Pics 4 (389k)
Banzai Pics 5 (434k)
Banzai Pics 6 (371k)
Banzai Pics 7 (360k)
Banzai Babes 1 (439k)
Banzai Babes 2 (418k)
Slideshow Picture Discs.

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