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Programming History

I started programming back in 1984 when I got a ZX Spectrum 48K which I had the pleasure of until 1989 when I decided to purchase a Sam. It was a sad day when I had to sell my Speccy for UKP80 to an unsuspecting punter just so that I could afford the UKP200 for the Sam.

Still, 80 smackers for a worn out Speccy - not bad going;-)

I never got into Z80 Machine Code when I had my Speccy so I kept with BASIC and this stayed with me when I got my Sam since Sam Basic allowed me to do everything I'd dreamt about doing on the Speccy e.g. sprites and sound.

In 1992 I started Uni in Leeds and began to program in C for the first time as part of the course and when the first Sam C compiler was released in 1995 I jumped on it with the intention of doing great things.

Sadly, due to me working my arse off and indulging in too many of the fine beverages that Uni life tends to offer, I never got around to even writing a 'Hello World' in C until mid 1996.

However, after leaving Uni to enter the black void of unemployment, I found that I had quite a lot of time on my hands so I decided to have a bash at Sam C and since then I have written a few demos, utilities and menus using it.

Other Bits

At the current time I am working my arse off (again) for too many hours per day and my Sam time has suffered as a result. However, I have still managed to squeeze in enough time to go to the almost ledgendary Gloucester Shows, dodgy pictures can be found lurking with Andrew Collier.

That pretty much brings things up to date, suffice to say that I am writing this page using a ported copy of a Speccy word processor PCG WordMaster on my Sam Coupé 512K and will port it to a PC for a final tweak before uploading.

Dan Dooré March 1997

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