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Since I never really put the dates of when I wrote the programs (no real time clock!) I can only guess at when they were written, so here in roughly chronological order are pretty much all the programs I have ever completed!

Some of these programs are available here and at the Sam Coupe FTP Site and are shown by the links.

The programs here are in stored as 800K DSK disc image files created with the PC program SamDisk and can be recreated onto a formatted Sam disc, or read straight into SimCoupé.

If you don't own a Sam, but do own a PC, Macintosh or Linux/UNIX box that can run X Windows, then you can download a copy of the superb SimCoupé the Sam Coupé Emulator.

New! For your viewing pleasure there are now some screen shots from the programs running under SimCoupé.

Fruit MachineSimple fruit machine game (my first with sprites!) [SimCoupé Screenshot]
Laser DodgeOne player guide-the-line game, ripped off from Format :-) [SimCoupé Screenshot]
SimonThe old MB memory game made virtual [SimCoupé Screenshot]
YahtzeeMouse/keyboard classic dice game [SimCoupé Screenshot]
Noughts 'N' CrossesMouse/keyboard AI demonstration tic-tac-toe game
Drac AttackParabolic bomb lobbing game, not unlike QBASIC Gorillas [SimCoupé Screenshot]
Worms WorldWorm game with added features [SimCoupé Screenshot]
Dead DucksVicious blood sport game [SimCoupé Screenshot]
Dan's DiamondsTetris-like puzzle game [SimCoupé Screenshot]
SolitaireMouse/keyboard classic peg game [SimCoupé Screenshot]
AnnoyanceMouse/keyboard memory game [SimCoupé Screenshot]
Spec TilesMouse/keyboard memory game (do you see a pattern forming here...) [SimCoupé Screenshot]
Mega FontFont utility
Ultra Scroll SystemSmooth scrolly development kit for Basic
Anti-Aliased fontAs it says, in a handy package [SimCoupé Screenshot]
Application LauncherNice proggy for browsing graphics or launching programs
Banner PrinterPrint BIG letters on your Epson-type printer
Tracker Player 1 & 2E-Tune player with menu selection
FrameFrame drawing procedure
VidiLabelPrints labels for video+audio tapes
Handy ProcsHandy procedures i.e. Systest, Justify, Mouse etc
SpandexSimPle bANzai inDEX of all my programs (this is where this list came from...)
Disc InfoHandy Disc info & unerase program
Palette Sorter 1&2Basic&SAM C programs to re-order screen palette
Graphical Demos
EmbroideryMulti-coloured patterns on screen
HypnoHypnotising circles
Hypno IIHypnotising box
Slide ShowVarious piccys nicked from old PD discs
PottyVery nice 3D pot drawer [SimCoupé Screenshot]
Buzz 256KFlying bumble bees for those with less memory [SimCoupé Screenshot]
Etch-A-SketchNeed I say more!
Total Recall ShortieMODE1 demo ripped from original
Total Recall Revenge 1993The TREC Demo in 5 greyscales and MUCH faster [SimCoupé Screenshot]
Red Nose DemoTopical at the time, but now means little
Cosmic DemoWeird lines thing [SimCoupé Screenshot]
Four LinesThe line demo Bits 'N' Bobs could not kill!
Wizball DemoScreens and a bit of bouncy balls
Vector DemoSimple vector demo with parallax stars [SimCoupé Screenshot]
MegaLace DemoInterlaced MODE3 demo
GTF MorphGirl-to-Frog morph demo
Dan's C DemoDemo of Sam C
Mouse Demos
WimpSysSimple WIMP interface type demo
SpookyTrippin' colours, weird effect [SimCoupé Screenshot]
Circle IISymmetrical circles in various sizes and colours [SimCoupé Screenshot]
Mousey IIRe-write of SAMCO mouse demo
Slideshow Discs
Banzai Pics 1Compressed disc of over 60 top pictures
Banzai Pics 2Piccies ripped from the Atari ST
Banzai Pics 3Piccies nicked from the PC
Banzai Pics 4More piccies nicked from the PC
Banzai Pics 5Even more piccies nicked from the PC
Banzai Pics 6Yet more piccies nicked from the PC
Banzai Pics 7Piccies nicked from the PC
Banzai Babes 1Piccies nicked from the PC
Banzai Babes 2Piccies nicked from the PC
Scrolly Demos
Banzai Demo 1, 2 & 3The original and best!
Vertical ScrollersThe first VS in basic (with little intro)
Smooth ScrollerSmooth Basic scrolly demo
Fake PrinterTeletype demo inspired by Grandstand [SimCoupé Screenshot]
Star Demo 1 & 2Demo in memory of Star Raiders II, top game on speccy [SimCoupé Screenshot]
Total Recall ScrollyTREC graphics with scrolly
Fred Birthday ScrollyFRED 3rd birthday scrolly
Mission DemoEnd of A-levels demo
Samco Digitiser DemoDemo shots of SAMCO staff and scrolly [SimCoupé Screenshot]
Small DemoWee MODE3 scrolly with tune
Ultra Smooth ScrollerVERY fast & VERY smooth basic vertical scroller
Banzai:TNGThe Next Generation Demo - Last BASIC demo ever!
Misc & Silly Demos
Python DemoGFX ripped from ZG 'Choccy' demo of long ago
Proud DemoHorace Goes Political! [SimCoupé Screenshot]
GIF ConverterMaybe....
Chrimble DemoSeasonal demo with snowman, blizzards and all that.
LotteryRandom number generator
SAM ShrinkAI (sort of) Psychiatrist program
FreviewsMenu for Fred Freviews (would you believe)
Bits 'N' Bobs 1 & 2As above but for different things
Fred 42 MenuFred Menu with some Wizball Sprites
Fred 76 MenuFred Menu written in Sam C with music, a scrolly and a small starfield
Fred 81 MenuFred Menu written in Sam C with music and two scrollys

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