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Pretty much all Sam Disc images are stored as 800k .DSK images, also known as 'SamDisk' format after the original program written to make these images.

Here are tools you will require for reading and writing DSK images.

SamDisk (5k) SamDisk is the original DSK maker for MSDOS, it is unlikely to work with any Pentium class machine or above, but if you have an old workhorse it should still work.
DiscImage Manager (241k)) Sam DiscImage Manager for Windows 95/98/ME by Edwin Blink. A splendid Win32 utility - if only it would run under 2000/XP! (sob)
SamDiskNT (17k) SamDiskNT is a new version of SamDisk for Windows NT/2000/XP by Dave Laundon, using SAMDISK.SYS by Simon Owen.