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Sam Coupé Scrapbook Tim Paveley's Sam Pages, the central repository for all things Sam.
Simon Cooke's Sam Pages Home of Cookie, one of Sam's most prolific coders and a top chap to boot.
Aley Keprt's Pages Loads of top Sam stuff, and details of his SAA Emulator.
Sam Community Gavin Smith's Sam Community Site.
Andrew Collier's Pages Member of Mnemotech coding group.
Edwin Blink's Pages Authour of BDOS, The Atom Hard Disc Interface and other cool things.
SimCoupé The spiffing Sam Coupé Emulator.
Stewart's SAM Information Pages Stewart Skardon's Pages.
Your Sinclair Rock'n'Roll Years The Sam related index of the YS RnR years by Nick Humphries.
Hexdidn't Gordon Wallis's Pages with some downloadable Sam stuff.
AllWhite Chris White, author of Sam Lemnmings' pages, lots of Sam stuff to download.
Quazar Surround Collin Piggot's pages for Quazar & Sam Revival magazine.
RJV Graphics Robert's Art Pages.
Slawek's Pages Slawomir Grodkowski's Pages.
Spectrum & Sam Profi Club Cologne A great info-base of Sam & Speccy material.
Lars 'NoName' Lars' games, demos and others to download.
Sintech German site selling old Sam curios


For an index of DSK downloads not from NVG, you can search Google for the 'goodsamc' listings.

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There is also a Sam Mailing list, to join see the Mailing List Help Page for more information, or have a look at the archive.

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Sam Coupé at dmoz A list of all the sites from the dmoz Open Directory Project.
Sam Coupé Webring A list of all the sites in the Webring.
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